The Omega Team: No Control (Kindle Worlds Novella)

by Parker Kincade

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Wounded Omega Team member Ketcher Novak has a target on his back. Forced into exile to recover from a life-threatening stab wound, Ketcher is plagued by dreams of the woman he can never have. His life is too dangerous for romantic attachments. It’s a risk he refuses to take.

When Dr. Regan Daniels receives Brandon Martin’s cryptic call for help, Ketcher Novak is the last person she expects to find feverish and bleeding inside the secluded cottage. She has spent the last four years trying to forget the only man to ever own her heart. Seeing him again is torture, and she needs to find the strength to heal his wound while ignoring her own aching chest.

Having Regan within reach is tormenting. The years have done nothing to dampen the sizzling heat between them. After a passionate night together, Ketcher knows it will take all of his self-control to let Regan go, to keep her away from the enemy hunting him.

As Ketcher recovers, his worst nightmare comes to life. With Regan’s life in danger, Ketcher will stop at nothing to get her back. Even if it means trading his life for hers.