Open Her: Book 3: Wild Fantasies for the Virgin Sexcapades

by Shiba Anie

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Derek satisfies his wants and needs with an array of carefully selected women who fulfil his every fantasy. Women who represent the qualities in a woman he cherishes.

From the innocent timid Juliet trying to make ends meet and go to college.

To the exotic, beautiful, inexperienced Miu who wants a taste of the wild side.

To Lydia, shy, decent and innocently tempting in her flexibility.

To Bella the grease covered flower that is the alluring doppelganger of the woman of his dreams.

Derek discovers the pleasures of life that await his specific appetites and finds satisfaction in the arms of these exotic creatures.

Will he be able to bury his growing feelings for Eva or will he be left wanting with his desires unabated. Will the women be enough to sate his growing desires?

Will Eva's true desires be revealed?

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