Open Her: Book 2: Wild Fantasies and Virgin Romance

by Shiba Anie

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Burt is a twenty-seven year old big name in the music industry. Born to successful attorneys and with an Ivy League education in Business Administration, he soon climbed the ladder of success. As the Chairman of a thriving music agency, he helped young people find a footing in the world by showcasing their natural talent for making beautiful music to the world, especially those from poorer families. Well, that was how the world saw what he did on the outside. On the inside however was a whole new ball game. His real play was using the young, barely legal girls who passed through his agency for his sexual pleasure. A play he had all down pat. Beneath all was the need for more.
That was until he met eighteen-year old Thea who gave him the surprise of his life. The news of Burt’s father dying from an advanced cancer was to put a dent into his well-orchestrated life. Juggling between keeping business thriving, watching out for a dying father, protecting a mother he loved so dearly from the news of her soulmate’s impending death was taking a toll on his life. In the middle of all of this, Burt must find a way to keep his head above the waters.