The Bear's Home

by Emilia Hartley

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Being the largest shifter in the area, Thorn had plenty of responsibilities. Unfortunately, there were only two things Thorn cared about. Fighting, and sex. This made Ripple, Oregon an easy target for other Apex Shifters. Especially for a sly female shifter. Thorn spotted her a mile away. The sexy, confident blonde definitely didn't belong here. Not that it mattered... he was just interested in getting in her pants.

This small town was Felicity's next playground. With plans to tear it apart and commercialize it with skyscrapers and malls, she could already feel the money in her hands. To make matters better, it seemed that the current Apex was a dumb brute named Thorn. Taking over Ripple was going to be easier than she'd originally thought, she just had to convince him and she knew exactly how.