The Flirtation Game: Castle Ridge Small Town Romance

by Allie Burton

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Love isn’t all that’s cooking.

After a scandal in Hollywood, celebrity chef Michael Marstrand accepts a position to be head chef at Castle Ridge Lodge and star in a television program about re-opening a five-star restaurant. He believes returning to his hometown to help the struggling restaurant will earn him public relations points and help an old friend. What he doesn’t know is the sous chef expected to be named head chef and the television series is a reality show called Kitchen Catastrophe.

Sous Chef Isabel O’Donnell returned from vacation to discover the restaurant kitchen remodeled and a new head chef. With contracts already signed, she has no choice but to work for Chef Michael, a man she’d had a crush on since middle school. A man who’d stolen her job.

With the hidden cameras rolling, Michael tries to make the day-to-day routine boring so Kitchen Catastrophe will never be shown, but an interfering producer introduces a bridezilla and an employee who causes trouble. Add the simmering attraction between Michael and Isabel and the reality show has everything: drama, fights, and sex.

In this best friend’s brother conflict, will a fake flirtation produce the perfect recipe or enflame desire?

Castle Ridge small town romance where love takes you higher.

Q-What makes the Castle Ridge series special?
A-All the books are written with heart. I’ve combined my love of Colorado with my love of small town life with my love of romance. The characters are strong and independent, and the last thing they’re looking for is love. But that’s exactly what they find in Castle Ridge! I hope you do too!
Q-What order should the books be read in?
A-You can read the books in any order. Every Castle Ridge book is a stand-alone story with all the threads tied up by the end of each book. If you’d like to be introduced to the characters before they star in their own story, I suggest the following order: The Romance Dance, The Christmas Match, The Flirtation Game, and The Playboy Switch.
Q-Why should readers give these books a try?
A- If you like contemporary small town romances with heat and heart, then the Castle Ridge books are for you. This Colorado mountain town has it all: bad boys, professional athletes, self made men, strong women, tortured heroes and heroines, playboys, billionaires, and the families around them. Their stories encompass secret babies, second chances, redemption, unrequited love, reunion stories, mistaken identities, and even a television reality show.