by Morgan Hannah MacDonald

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Like a viper, she strikes when you least expect it. She’s the deadliest operative the CIA has ever known. Alexandria Kingston is The Griffin.
After graduating from The Farm in Langley, Virginia, she’s banished from the only family she’d ever known. Heartbroken and alone, Alex settled in Paris and threw herself into her work by taking every operation the CIA offered, as well as volunteering for those no one else would. In doing so she’s made herself the most valuable female spy at The Company.
Through the years, she’s built quite the reputation. The chatter throughout the underworld is ‘Kill the Griffin,’ but as a master of disguise, no one truly knows what she looks like. Not even her lovers.
Out of nowhere she gets a call to return home. Alex jumps on the next flight to the States where she learns that her adoptive family is in trouble. The Murphy clan is involved in organized crime and Margaret Murphy is the head of Boston’s Irish Mob. When she is rushed to the hospital word spreads that her life is hanging in the balance. Someone has decided that he will be the next crime boss and is willing to murder every last Murphy to make that happen.
Deception has always been a major part of Alex’s life and returning home means facing the biggest deception of all, the one truth she’s hidden even from herself: her love for Shane Donovan - the only man oblivious to her existence. The real reason she has forsaken romance her entire adult life.
Now Alex has joined her family in taking down the enemy. The only question is, how many will die in the process?