Gilded Silence

by Lina Langley

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So you've just been caught committing a crime by one of your most attractive employees, and if he opens his mouth you'll lose everything you've worked to build. You could bribe him. You could threaten him. You could fire him, and open yourself up to a lawsuit if you even survive the criminal trial.
Or you could marry him, so that no court of law would force him to testify against you.
That's the problem Daniel Colt faces when his subordinate, Bryn, catches him putting his soul on the line to save the future of his company and its thousands of employees.
One marriage of convenience. A hefty payoff that would solve so many problems for Bryn and his family. Only Bryn isn't sure he can keep it strictly business when his boss is bisexual, gorgeous, always there—and completely out of his league.
But Bryn's falling hard, falling fast, and struggling to separate their fake engagement from his very real feelings. It's just a business arrangement. Another corporate deal.
But the engagement ring on his finger has Bryn bound to more than just their arrangement, and Daniel's secrets aren't the only ones locked up in gilded silence.
Warning: This story contains depictions of alcohol intake and the description of a non-life threatening injury. It is approximately 35,000 words in length and contains language & erotic adult scenes. It is intended for adults.