Refrain & Reprise: Refrain & Reprise (a Falling Stars novella) Book 3.5

by Sadie Grubor

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~ The first standalone novella in The Falling Stars Series ~
** Exclusive Holiday Short Stories featuring your favorite Falling Stars characters included. (Prior books needed to fully follow the short stories **

Known for his outlandish and often law breaking onstage performances, the fans of Vehicle of Destruction have expectations from America's number one bad boy of rock. Zarek Sisko hates to disappoint, but something’s not the same. Something changed him. Her.

The world of opera is surprisingly cutthroat, and Gemma Harper, the latest diva in demand, knows this all too well. She's a natural, commanding an operatic performance with minimal training, but her pink hair, facial piercings, and tattoos negate her talent in most professional's eyes. Gemma's fought her entire life to get what she wants, and now that she's here, there's no backing down. She's no quitter…well, almost. She quit on him.

Once upon a time, two people from different worlds collided, and it was everything they never expected. Until it wasn't and one walked away.

Pretending you don't know someone is exhausting. Acting like someone means absolutely nothing to you isn't easy. Especially when fate keeps throwing them back in your life.

One Rocker.
One Diva.
One weekend in Vegas to get it right.