The Enchanted: Playing with Fire

by Courtney Michaels

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Park Ranger Avery Moore needs a vacation. In between rescuing lost hikers in Yosemite, keeping her Shifter identify a secret, and getting over a murderous ex-boyfriend, she’s had a lot on her mind. Going on an all-expenses-paid, luxury cruise with her best friend/college roommate is exactly what she needs.

But ‘The Enchanted’ isn’t just your average cruise liner- the passengers and crew are comprised exclusively of Vampires, Shifters, Weres, Fairies, Elves, and other kinds of paranormal creatures that make up the Otherworld.

Avery’s plans for lighthearted fun in the sun begin to heat up when she meets Jack, a sexy fire Elementalist who reignites a part of Avery that she’d thought was lost. Their smoldering romance is interrupted when a dark figure from Avery's past intrudes into her present. What starts out as a harmless adventure turns into a high-stakes game of hunter and hunted on the high seas in “Playing with Fire” the first book of “The Enchanted” series.

*Recommended reading age 18+ due to mature language and explicit content