Denial (Singularity's Children, Book 1)

by Toby Weston

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A Positive Futurist Techno-Thriller. Denial is frequently funny, often irreverent, and occasionally indecent.

The Singularity’s Children Series: As the Third Millennium dawns, the world is slipping beyond human comprehension. Citizens are bewildered and angry; kept in line only by vast programs of computer-driven propaganda. The planet’s leaders are in Denial, clinging to the illusions of an idealised past, unable to move beyond corporate greed and political charade. But an emerging movement of techno-optimists can see post-scarcity utopias glittering on the horizon and have started building a collaborative future for all of Singularity’s Children…

Book One - Denial:
Keith knows the 21st century is no place for a moral backbone. Not even a corporate expense account and the occasional synthetic liaison can air-gap him from the blood on his hands.

With neural prosthetics giving voices to our animal cousins, Niato, the grandson of a Sushi chain billionaire, is recruited into Eco-Terrorism by a radicalized dolphin beginning a cross-species partnership that might change the world.

Stella lives above a brothel on a nomadic, floating tuna farm. Her young life is brutal and precarious, she needs to find a tribe before she is consumed by the jaded world around her.

Denial is high-tech adventure set in a world of soulless algorithms, psychotic corporations, and floating ghettos. It is the first book in an epic story arc which takes the reader from a post-internet, post-collapse world, deep into a wildly post-human future.