Escapades: A Hot Short Read Romance Novel about a Sexy 19 year old Girl Seductress

by Shiba Anie

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Maryann may be the girl next door, but she’s the ultimate woman. A ravishing beauty, she’s used her looks to manipulate and seduce men for years. Her sexual awakening started when she was just 15 years old, and ever since then, she’s learned all the tricks to attract a man and leave him wanting more. But her personal life isn’t so exciting. By day, she works part-time jobs to support herself and her aging father. It’s only when night falls that she truly comes alive.Maryann revels in the effect she has on gorgeous men. When their eyes meet hers, there’s electricity in the air. And with her skills of seduction, Maryann knows how to exercise control over them so they’ll beg for her sweet taste. The passion feels real as Maryann reaches the heights of ecstasy while these once-powerful men beg at her feet.You’ll experience all of Maryann’s erotic adventures in this thrilling and sexy book. Feel the pleasure, the steamy emotions and the white-hot heat as Maryann brings you closer and closer to the peak of sexual pleasure!