Forbidden Three

by Kira Blakely

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A gold letter, wrapped in diamonds, addressed to me.
You are cordially invited to Mystique Island.

I’m the nanny to the world’s sexiest billionaire.
He spends his spare time at Mystique Island.
Days of masked sex. No names. No obligations.
Perfect for me. He’s my truest fantasy.
And I just received an invitation.
When I arrive, I’m moaning for hours.
But the rough hands, the ocean-blue eyes, and the cologne…
They’re different on this island.
And when I find out why my fantasy is twice as fulfilling.
It’s not just my boss who’s waiting to claim me.
It’s his twin brother, too.
Now, I have a choice.
Take one.
Take both.
Or leave the love behind.
I’m in over my head, but it’s too late to stop.
These big boys are making me beg.