Mountain Man Baby Daddy

by Vivien Vale

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All I want is to be alone on my mountain, away from society. It’s where I can hide away from the demons that haunt me. The scars from my past torture me. I’m not fit to be around people. Not after what I’ve done.

But then she comes crashing into my life one snowy night. Literally.

I find her bloody, unconscious. Looking so sweet and untouched in a wedding dress that’s ripped to shreds. Feelings and dark needs I’ve suppressed for ten long years come rising to the surface when I see her.

But I’m not safe to be around. I’m a danger. A threat. How can I keep her safe when I don’t trust myself not to hurt her with the savage desires she incites?

A virgin bride meant for another. But I want to make her mine. And when she looks at me like that, wide blue eyes full of fear and her own dark secrets? All I can think about is how her body would feel wrapped around mine. How her warmth melts the ice that’s chilled my heart.

I need to claim her. Be the one to know her like no other man ever has.

The longer we’re snowed in together, the harder she is to resist. She’s bringing out a side of me I thought was lost. But it’s too dangerous. I can’t give in.

Because if I do? She might just give me everything I’ve told myself I can never have.

A wife. A baby.

I don’t deserve this beautiful broken creature.

And when I finally claim her, a danger neither of us expected threatens to bring it all down around us.