Naughty Girls Bundle: Verdanna's Diary & Hospitality Confessions

by Autumn Seave

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This two story bundle of confession style stories is bound to get you heated up!

Verdanna's Diary is the confessional of a young woman that had been on a reality show where she couldn't have sex for a year and now that she's done she's making up for lost time. She's loving the life of a single gal. Except for those pesky thoughts about love and romance. When Jaron enters her life again, she begins to think that maybe a long term relationship is what she really wants.

In Hospitality Confessions, Lee Anne knows that she can't go into a marriage without telling her groom to be the truth about her past life. So, she lays it out in a letter, telling him all the dirty details of her life in the hospitality industry. Will he still want to marry her?