Verdanna's Diary - part 5

by Autumn Seave

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Is the Prince the guy that Verdanna has been waiting for? She meets him for the second time in her life when she is hired to do an erotic fairy tale photo shoot with him and he plays the Prince that rescues her from the bad guys. But she can't remember who he is at first. When she finally does remember who he is she remembers the fun they had together and she can't stop thinking about him!

This 3800 word short story is graphic and intended for audiences 18+ only!


So, after almost a week of obsessing about the Prince I’ve finally found out who he is. I got a hold of Fitz a couple days ago and he said his name was Jaron. As soon as he said the name, all sorts of memories started coming back to me. I remembered that Jaron and I had had not only that one night together but quite a few nights. I don’t know how I blocked all that out. It made me wonder if perhaps I’d had too many sexual experiences if I was starting to forget about some of them. I quickly pushed that thought out of my mind.

Mostly what I remembered was what an incredibly great lover he was. He could be incredibly tender and sweet one moment and then domineering and demanding the next. He had a way of making me want him before he even touched me. But he had a great sense of humor, too, and whether we were in bed (together or with others) or just hanging out, he could make me laugh uninhibitedly, like I did when I was a kid.

Fitz wouldn’t give me Jaron’s phone number but he said that he wanted us to come and look at the proofs this week anyway so he’d invite Jaron and I to come at the same time. I could ask him for his number myself if I wanted.

Did having a name to my obsession make anything any easier? No, of course not. Now I just knew more specifically who I couldn’t stop think about. Every night I dreamt about him. It was disturbing. Not the fact that I was dreaming about him but the content of those dreams.