Verdanna's Diary - part 2

by Autumn Seave

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After being on a reality show where she couldn't have sex for an entire year, Verdanna is on the loose and needs to have some fun. But she's also thinking about things that have never been part of her life - like relationships. But her friends just won't let her focus!

This 3000 word short story is sexually graphic an intended for readers 18+ only please.

“Well don’t just stand there darling. Welcome Verdanna out of her seclusion.”

His kiss was definitely welcoming. Long, slow, and deliberate, it was a kiss that reminded me of all the other talents he’d demonstrated with his tongue in the past. When his hand strayed beneath the water to caress my breast, Denise swatted his butt. It wasn’t a hard swat – just a warning.

Denise held out a terry cloth robe and I stepped out of the tub and into the robe. She laid a couple of towels on the bed and instructed Danny to dry my body.

“And no funny business!”

As Danny gently rubbed my body with the softest of towels, Denise made herself comfortable. Denise was a nudist at heart so comfort to her was removing clothing. Soon, she was completely naked, except for the high heel boots, which she rested on Danny’s backside as she sat back in the chair to watch her personal show.