Verdanna's Diary - part 3

by Autumn Seave

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After being on a reality show where she couldn't have sex for an entire year, Verdanna is on the loose and needs to have some fun. But she's also thinking about things that have never been part of her life - like relationships. Check out the naughty exhibitionism and voyeurism she gets up to while she's trying to figure things out - include a hot lesbian airport scene!

This 2600 word short story is sexually graphic an intended for readers 18+ only please.


I began to run my fingertips over her palm again. Each time I moved up I’d let my fingers slide a little further up her arms. Every once in a while I could feel her shiver. Soon my hands were at her face and I caressed her brow, then her eyelids, then her cheeks. When my fingers slid over her lips she opened her mouth and let her tongue reach out and flick over the tip of my finger. Then she opened her eyes and took my finger into her mouth and sucked ever so gently. Her blue eyes sparkled with passion as they locked with my own and I felt that twinge of excitement deep inside my belly.

Suddenly, she threw herself forward and was sitting across my middle. Her hands quickly wrapped around my wrists and I found myself pinned to the hard cement floor. For such a tiny girl I was amazed at the power she held in her lithe frame. Her lips were on mine with the confidence of a woman who knows she can have whoever she likes. Her tongue snaked into my mouth as she kissed me fervently.

“I’ll stop whenever you like,” she said, with a little smirk.