Verdanna's Diary - part 4

by Autumn Seave

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Verdanna has decided that the best way to get some space to figure out what she wants is to get out of the country, so she heads to Mexico. Her friend Jill joins her and they find lots of ways to get naughty in Mexico including some girl on girl action, sex in the alleys, and an orgy on the beach.

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This 3300 word short story is sexually graphic an intended for readers 18+ only please.


Jill got here on the Friday and was exhausted, so I put her into bed. Not before giving her a good pussy lashing though. I swear, that girl has the sweetest cunt I’ve ever tasted. She was so exhausted that when I tied her to the bed posts she couldn’t be bothered to protest. I lay beside her and lazily played with her until sleeping was the last thing on her mind.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that while I had been living in the studio she’d had her nipples pierced. She wore simple little silver hoops in each nipple that made her nipples stand at attention almost the second she felt my warm breath on them. The lightest touch made her squirm and when I pinched them she squealed.