Verdanna's Diary - part 1

by Autumn Seave

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Verdanna has spent the last year on a reality show where she had to abstain from sex for a whole year! But now she's free, has money to spend and a lot of making up to do!

This short story is 3,200 words long and the first in the Verdanna's Diary series. You can find the follow parts of Verdanna's Diary here:


I can’t believe I did it. I went an entire year without sex. That’s right. And that includes no masturbation, too. No sex with men or women. If I’d known how hard it was really going to be, I don’t know if I would have even auditioned for this reality show, let alone agreed to be on it. I had no clue it was going to be this difficult to completely cut myself off from sex for a full year and have it all documented on a reality show. But I did it and I’m almost free now!

When I signed the papers I really thought it would only be the first month or so that would be rough. After that, I thought I would get used to it. And don’t get me wrong - the first month was hell. Those damn cameras were everywhere. They followed me to bed (and the producers made it perfectly clear that the mics would be amplified so they would hear the slightest buzz if I snuck a vibrator in there), to the bathroom and even in the shower. I didn’t have a chance to touch myself without the cameras catching it.