The Ultimate Lesbian Collection

by Autumn Seave

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This hot collection has 4 stories - two long and two short - and over 180 pages of lesbian smut! It's filled with loads of girl on girl action, girls that love girls, and all the naughty details.

This collection includes:
- Sorority: This is the erotic story of a young woman who goes off to college and ends up joining a sorority unlike any she could have possibly imagined. She learns more about herself and her sexuality than she ever could have learned about in class!
- On the Back of a Motorcycle: When Tim runs into Darcy, a girl he dated in high school, he thinks he's getting his second chance. But when he follows Darcy and her friend Eve on their motorcycle into the woods he finds out exactly why Darcy broke up with him and he gets the show of a lifetime.
- Bad Girl, Badder Cop: Carter has always been a bad girl - the kind of girl that moms warn their darling sons about. But they should really be warning their daughters. When Carter meets Molly, a sexy cop that likes to reform bad girls, she gets more than she bargained for!
- Brynn's Training - The Collection: When Brynn falls for Felicia she really has no idea what she is getting into. First of all, Brynn has never been with a woman. Never even thought about it until Felicia came along. Second, Felicia is into BDSM and she won't hesitate to punish Brynn when she's a naughty girl. Brynn loves being with Felicia more than she could imagine and she soon finds out that being naughty is kind of fun.