Worth His While

by Autumn Seave

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When this young couple finally get a chance to be alone on a camping trip, all sorts of naughtiness ensues! This short story is sure to get you excited about going camping when summer comes around!

This book is 3,867 words and is intended for audience 18+ only. It contains graphic sexual scenes with light submission and domination and ass play.

Teaser: I was a little surprised but welcomed his lips on mine. His kiss was wild and somewhat rougher than usual. He kissed me harder as his hand undid the clasp of my bra and came around to squeeze one breast in his hand. He then moved his fingers to my nipples and pinched them. He was gentle at first but then his pinches grew harder and harder until I squealed in pleasure, arching my back, and pushing my breasts against his hands.

He stopped kissing me to raise my shirt so that my breasts were fully exposed in the moonlight. My nipples that had been teased so mercilessly, stood out hard, aching under his appreciative gaze. When he lowered his head to lazily flick his tongue over one hard bud, I pushed my breast out, wanting to feel the warmth of his mouth fully upon me. He quickly moved away. His tongue flicked quickly over the other nipple and pulled away again.