A Lesson in Privacy

by Autumn Seave

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Chelsea has dropped out of school so she can spend her days skiing on the slopes in Banff but the only job she could find was as in the housekeeping department of a big, fancy hotel. She thought she'd hate it but she found out that she could snoop through guests things and no one would know. And she could use the Internet when they left their laptops and tablets in their rooms and sometimes she found really good stuff on their computers!

But then she gets caught by Spencer Cloussen, the rich CEO of a web app company. And Spencer is not impressed. He gives her an alternative to telling her boss and getting her fired though and she grabs it. After all, it's just a little after hours cleaning...isn't it? Of course, that's not all it is and Chelsea is forced to learn a lesson in privacy through embarrassment, humiliation, spankings and more - and all in front of Spencer's friends!

This 5,000 words story is sexually explicit and for people aged 18+ only. This is not a romance!