Friends Share

by Autumn Seave

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A young and adventurous couple finally decide to indulge in her fantasy of being shared with his friends. She's very excited that the big day has finally come!

This 4000 word short story is intended for adults 18+ only. It contains oral sex, anal sex, spanking, double penetration and m/f/m/m/m sex.

Friends Share is included in the short story anthology, It Never Hurts to Ask and Other Stories:


When we first started dating, my other plans were often with guys. But the longer we dated, the more I just wanted him. I’d still go out with the girls after work sometimes, hit the clubs, dance our asses off – but he never asked. It wasn’t that he didn’t care. He just knew that I had to do my thing. And when I was ready for him, he’d be there.
I gave him the same treatment. A guys’ night out was never met with whining and complaining. I gave him his space and he gave me mine. It was perfect.

But we agreed that once we made the commitment of moving in together that was it – it would just be the two of us. And we’d have no regrets because we’d have done everything that we wanted to do. He was there. Me – just about. There was just one more thing and Sean was going to help me take care of it.

There was really only one more fantasy I wanted fulfilled. I wanted him to share me with his friends. Not just one friend, not two friends, but his three best friends. I had known Dean, Kyle, and Shane as long as I'd known Sean. They had been best friends since junior high when they all played football together. They'd shared an apartment in university, a dog, and a car for awhile, but they'd never shared a girlfriend.