Falling for Felicia - Part 1

by Autumn Seave

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Brynn has never met anyone like Felicia before!
Brynn is young and has always dated guys. She's never been attracted to a woman before. Until Felicia comes along and sets her mind going in all sorts of different directions. It's exciting and it feels so right. Felicia is older, confident, and she knows what she wants - she wants Brynn.

Falling for Felicia - Part 1 is the beginning of Brynn and Felicia's story but there is not a cliffhanger. It is available for free to Kindle Unlimited readers.
This short story is 5,647 words long and features mild domination and bondage and graphic sex scenes.
Falling for Felicia - Part 2 is now available exclusively on Kindle and is in the Kindle Unlimited Store!

She took my hand and pulled me gently down the hall. When I pulled back just a touch she turned and looked back at me.

“No?” she asked with a smile.

I didn’t know and said so.

“Listen hon, I know. I’m not dumb or totally insensitive right. You’ve never been with a woman right?”


“But you’ve been wondering? Thinking?”

I felt my cheeks get hot.

“About me?”