Car Trouble

by Autumn Seave

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What happens when a sexy mechanic finds a rich girl on the side of the road in a broken down Jag? Sparks fly! This little rich girl is bored of her college life and her strapping young mechanic is just what she needs to make it more interesting!

This short story is 4,204 words long and is graphic and for 18+ only. Contains anal sex, m/f sex, f/f and m/f/f.

Teaser: I tried not to look at her as I continued to tinker with mechanics I’d already fixed. I knew if I looked at her I’d be hard in a second and Jessie had already done a fine job of giving me a good case of blue balls today.

“Ummm – ya. I reckon I know my way around under any hood.” Then I realized how that sounded and I hoped she wouldn’t freak out.

“Really? Well, I have some equipment under another hood that needs a good working over. Maybe you should give me your card.”

She was standing so close to me I could feel the heat from her sun soaked skin. I couldn’t resist a peek at her long lean legs beside me. Big mistake. Instant dick ache. It was going to take some serious draining tonight to ease this pain.

The car was fixed and I needed to get away from this little cock tease as soon as possible so I said, “Go start your engine. It should be fine.”

“How will I ever thank you?”