Dormitory Rules

by Autumn Seave

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Everyone knows that sex is great for relieving stress. Including when you're in college, right? So, it's only a matter of time before these dormitory rules could really exist. But for now, this is a futuristic, standalone story about some dormitory rules that make life very different for people at this campus.

Dorm Rules

1.Clothing is discouraged. At most, males should wear boxers/shorts but without underwear. Females may wear shorts (with panties if they wish) but they should be snug. All students should be topless

2.No doors are allowed on dorm rooms in order to encourage maximum interaction between the members of the dorm.

3.Daily orgasms are required; at minimum once per day per person. You may have as many orgasms in private as you wish but at least one orgasm must be had in the common room and be witnessed by at least one person.

4.Sex toys and sex machines will be made available in the common room for female students. Please feel free to use these and try out all of them.

5.Male orgasms shall be obtained in whatever way is easiest and convenient; however, ejaculate must land on the body of a female classmate. Female students should make themselves available for this upon the request of a male classmate.

6.Removal of ejaculate: 2 options – 1) Ejaculate must remain on the body of the female student for two hours and then may be washed off or 2) Ejaculate may be removed by another female student, using the tongue; the two females should then kiss and each swallow half of the ejaculate.

7.Contests and activities will encourage following the rules; the RA will inform you of organized activities and their rules; the rules of these activities will be at the discretion of the RA; extra-curricular activities are mandatory but participation is encouraged.

8. Students who fail to follow the above rules will have consequences, which are at the discretion of the RA; consequences may include anal sex, physical punishments and anything else that the RA deems is necessary. If a student refuses to accept the consequence, the student will be brought to the governing body who will then decide on the necessary repercussions.