My Hot Wife's College Friend

by Autumn Seave

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It was my birthday and I was hoping that my hot wife was going to make it a steamy evening of fantasies fulfilled.

But when I saw her friend Allison's car in the driveway, I thought the night might be ruined. Despite the fact that I'd fantasized about Allison for years, and even my wife had admitted she'd had some dirty lesbian thoughts about her college friend, I knew that Allison was very sweet. The thought of a threesome had likely never crossed her mind. She likely didn't even know what a threesome was!

But my hot wife had plans. And her plans and the use of a magical pendant were about to make this the best night of my life!

This is a short story of just a little over 5000 words. It's hot and steamy and it gets right to the naughty fun!