12 Hours of Freedom

by Autumn Seave

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2,600 years ago, Adriaa was the most famous prostitute in the Babylon temples. She loved the money but she loved her work even more. So much more that she enjoyed time outside of the temples and was banished to the lamp and cursed to stay there forever.

Until Levi found her. Levi was a bit of a history geek and he loved to find gems related to the past. When he found the lampl in some hidden little antique shop, buried in a pile of junk he had a hunch it might be worth buying. But he didn't expect to find Adriaa.

Dixie was sweet and had a crush on Levi. When he asked her out, she was thrilled. But she wasn't expecting what was to come that night. She wasn't expecting to be Adriaa's vessel for a 12 hour night of freedom from her confinement.

12 Hours of Freedom is a fun and sexy short story filled with fantasy and lots of steamy sex!