Torn Between Two Billionaires

by Abbie Summers

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Steph is spending the summer at Pike Cove, an exclusive resort for rich people. She's fitting in - but barely.

This summer is not going to be anything like she expected with not just one steamy romance but two! This young BBW beauty is about to find out how hot summer can really be at Pike Cove!

First, there's Sam, her best friend's dad. She's always had a crush on him but she had no idea the feelings were mutual. They are. Very mutual.

Then, there's Mick. He just got back from Greece and he immediately sets his sight on Steph. He's going to do whatever it takes to make her HIS.

Suddenly, she's got two rich guys that want her attention and she's in a very steamy erotic love triangle.

Stephs loves it - until one of them wants her attention a little too much.

How is she ever going to make a choice between the two of them?

Author's Note: If you like short reads that will melt your panties with just a touch of suspense thrown in, this book is for you. If you're looking for a romance that is more on the sweet side, you probably won't like this. Just saying!