Suddenly Daddy

by Abbie Summers

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My life was just where I wanted it. I had a successful career, loads of money, and I could have any woman I wanted without the need to settle down.

Then my crazy ex, Carma showed up with the baby I didn't know I had and left me suddenly a daddy of a two year old.

And Phoenix came into my life. Maybe I shouldn't have made her my nanny after that wild night we shared together. But I needed her. And she needed me, too. If I could just keep it in my pants, everything would be fine.


Everything went to hell in a hand basket all of a sudden. One day I was a year away from finishing my degree at college. It was what I had worked so hard for all these years.

The next thing I knew my funding was gone and I had no way to pay for school. Maybe I shouldn't have taken the job as a nanny for Dixon's little girl, especially when I couldn't stop thinking about that one wild night of passion that I shared with him.

But it was the only way that I could think of to get through my last year of college.

If only he wasn't so irresistible...

Author's note: This single dad romance is hot - like melt your panties hot. It has a HEA ending though and it's a standalone steamy romance novella.