Omega to the Alpha: m/m paranormal romance novel

by Stephen Hoppa

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Alpha werewolf Silas grew up believing that when he found his fated mate, everything would fall together so easily; then he met Alex, harder than steel, more fragile than ice, member of the gang trying to kill off Silas's pack.

Alex doesn't understand words like, omega, and he certainly doesn't understand words like, love, but Silas seems determined to gain his trust. Despite everything he's learned on the streets, Alex can't resist being drawn to the hulking alpha who looks at him like he were the only person on earth. With armed men on their heals, Alex has to choose between helping Silas, or going back to his old world, but with such high stakes, the wrong choice could be the end of his short, hard life.

*This 60,000 word novel takes place after the events of Omega to the Exile, but has a self-contained plot following new characters and can be enjoyed on it's own. It features heart pounding action and steaming hot intimate scenes between two men with a HFN ending, no cheating, and no cliffhangers.*