by Cara Carnes

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Shasta Monohan knows all about playboys. Hell, she got her heart ripped out by the ultimate bad boy—Caleb “Colt” Douglas—three years ago. Word around town is he’s back for one reason—to win her back. No way in hell is that happening. Then again, a no-strings romp might purge him from her system once and for all. Yeah. That’s exactly what she needs—closure.

Colt’s done a lot of crazy shit as front man for Twisted Delirium, but coming home may shove him over the edge. He vowed never to return, but after a whirlwind race to the top of the music scene, he’s figured something out. Fame and fortune can’t replace the one thing he wants more than anything. Shasta. Walking away from her was the biggest mistake he’s ever made. He’ll give her the one night stand with a bad boy she wants. He’ll even pretend it’s the closure they needed. Come morning, though, all bets are off.