Found by the Dragon 4 Book Box Set

by Lisa Daniels

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With Romance, Drama, dragon shifters and women prepared to meet every challenge thrown at them, here’s a shifter series tailored for your needs!
The Found By the Dragon series is set in a world of drakes, wyrms and humans, and it gives you eight characters who find their way to one another, despite all odds. You’ve got the headstrong, courageous women who carve their own way in life, and their powerful dragon partners. In a world of slavery and freedom fighters, and the gradual return of magic, you have drama, romance, along with the ever-present threat against the character’s lives…
For those who love fantasy, dragons, and women who don’t sit around being useless.

Book 1: Anya’s Freedom
Book 2: Seon’s Freedom
Book 3: Elise’s Freedom
Book 4: Isera’s Freedom

The world of dragons awaits…