Little Puppet

by Erin Trejo

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When you're little you check under your bed and in your closet to make sure there are no monsters.
Who would have thought that the age of twenty you would still do the same? Monsters are real. I learned that a long time ago. They are everywhere. You may not notice them but they see you.
I take comfort in rolling up tightly in my comforter before I close my eyes tightly. After my nightly ritual of making sure there was nothing hiding in the closet that shouldn’t be there, I can finally breathe.
Little did I know, the one monster that I should worry about the most, I have yet to meet.
He’d be the one to break me. Ruin me. He would be the one to string me up and play with me.
I’d become his little puppet 

“This is it. This is where my life is going to change. Something deep inside of me resonates this new reality. My reality."