These Aren't The Moments We Want To Highlight

by Stephen Hoppa

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I thought once we confessed everything, it would all fall together, but it was just as messed up as ever. I was still confused about everything that had ever existed. Nate was still a psychotic jerk. I didn’t know why we’d moved halfway across the country just so that he could get bored of business school and drop out again. I was starting to get frustrated with myself for always doing whatever he wanted, and I was starting to worry that one day, I’d wake up and hate myself for giving so much up to him.

This is a 12,000 word novelette based on the characters from Everything Between Us by Stephen Hoppa. It takes place during the years between the final scene and the epilogue. These scenes were originally stripped from the main book for reasons stated in the preface, however, for the readers who wanted more insight into how Ethan and Nate "figured it out" — this is for you.

For a reader who has never read Ethan and Nate's story, you can still enjoy this if all you're looking for is hot, messy, emotional action between two men with D/s tendencies—provided you don't mind a touch of complete and utter chaos and no small amount of destruction and dysfunction.