Ruled: A Vampire Paranormal Romance

by Keira Blackwood

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We were death and shadow, we were nightmares come alive, we were vampires, we were Ulfhednar.

Thirty years have passed since vampire king Tyr Ulfhednar was torn from his throne and banished to the bottom of the sea. Freed from his prison, Tyr doesn’t know what to expect when he returns home to Scarlet Harbor. But even a thousand years of existence can’t prepare him for her.

Newly-turned vampire queen Ashley King does her best to rise to the never-ending challenges of ruling over Scarlet Harbor. When a sexy, powerful stranger shows up on her doorstep with a claim to her throne, she’s as tempted to kill him as she is to kiss him. But this perceived enemy might just be the only chance she has at conquering the trials that lie ahead…if he doesn’t conquer her first.

This story contains steamy vampire romance, action-packed and suspenseful circumstances, scorching love scenes, and a happily ever after ending. While this book contains the complete romance of Ashley and Tyr, this series is best read in order.