Arrogant (New York Heirs #1)

by Drea Blackery

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He is a tyrant.
The heir to billions in real estate fortune.
The Ice King of my high school and my hometown.
I stayed away from him all those years ago, but now he’s showed up again in New York, more powerful than ever and armed with a dark secret.
Ryland Wyatt may be colder than an arctic glacier, but when we clash, something wild happens.
Something explosive.
He’ll burn me alive if I let him, but no one told me that the fire would feel so good.


What I want, I get.
And what I want is Allie Beckett, the stubborn, evasive loner who confused the hell out of me ten years ago.
It doesn’t matter that she’s off-limits to me.
It doesn’t matter that I destroyed her life, or that she doesn’t know.
Allie will be in my bed soon, and once I get her out of my system, she’ll be out of my world.
There is no other option.
We were over before we even began, meant to go up in smoke.
But before that, we will go down in flames.

Arrogant is a complete standalone novel in the New York Heirs Series
*Contains explicit intimate scenes and profanity.