by Shaye Marlow

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Genre: Romantic Science Fiction Erotica

Captain Morgana Sollars is a Colonist Protection Specialist manning the Mayfair almost 30 light-years from Earth. While the other colonists are in cryo, she has been awake for nearly five years. That’s 59 months, 1,795 nights, 43,080 hours, 2,584,800 minutes utterly without a man.

That is, until she makes first contact.

Lirich and Achnil are Rah’Zul, a bioengineered race of powerful blue warriors. They are on a species acquisition mission for their Overlord, but the last thing they expect to capture is a Human.

At first whiff, they are drawn irresistibly together. Now, as they find out just how strong the pull of pheromones can be, will lust enslave them all?

In short, humorous style, Shaye Marlow delivers the first steamy installation of a six-part erotic romp across the stars.

Word Count: 14,554

Warning: This series contains graphic language and explicit sexual content, including ménage (M/M/F), anal play/intercourse, and light bondage/discipline. Ages 18+.