Dreamer Awakened: Part 2

by Shaye Marlow

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This is #2 in a series, the Parts of which are meant to be devoured in order.

For Lovers of Alien and Ménage Romantic Erotica, Werewolves & Shifters, and Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humorous, and Paranormal Romance, DREAMER AWAKENED is an exotic, novella-length adventure where reality really frickin' sucks, but dreams just might come true...

Forty human survivors of an alien massacre, over half of them pregnant, crash-land on an ‘uninhabited’ planet. By day, they’re just trying to stay warm. But when they fall asleep, they discover a race of sexy alien dreamwalkers.

Quinn: A cosmically yummy doctor scarred by the death of his wife, laboring to keep two dozen pregnant women alive, and desperate for an escape.
Marah: A passionate woman captured by aliens who will stop at nothing to help her people, and who dearly wants to believe in magic.

Here, the humans are the aliens, and the resident species must decide whether they want to share their planet—or erase the problem entirely. As the pesky—but strangely attractive—humans start to uncover long-buried secrets, they threaten to unearth the greatest Dreamer ever to live, locked away in an ancient prison for almost a millennium.

In a strange land divided by caste wars... In a sensual alien culture where disputes are settled by challenge... In a bid for survival, because they really don't want to die... Can Quinn and Marah join with alien shapeshifters as they defy upper management? Or will they be found in a snowbank come spring, consumed by spiders the size of houses, or drowned, crushed, and beaten by pleasure the likes of which neither of them could have ever dreamed?

Crash into an alien world, where dreams are real. And wet dreams are really wet.

Warning: Ages 18+, contains objectionable language, violence, and oodles of high-quality gratuitous sex.