The Space Between Our Stories

by Stephen Hoppa

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“I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said the other day.” Nate's voice was a relaxed rumble. “About infinity and forever.”
“I definitely never said anything about any of that.” I ran my hand through his hair, giving it a sharp tug just to see if he would notice.
“I mean, I want to do things that makes you happy.” He winced and smacked my hand from his head. “I'm saying, If you want me to meet your mom, I can handle that.”
“Oh.” That was not where I thought the conversation was going. “Well, yeah, that’s what I want.” I stopped, realizing how terrible this could all go. “Let’s hope she can handle you.” My brows knit together as a concern rose up in me. “Actually, I think she might love you.”

*This is a 6,000 word short story based on the characters from Everything Between Us by Stephen Hoppa. It takes place during the years between the final scene and the epilogue. These scenes were originally stripped from the main book for reasons stated in the preface, however, for the readers who wanted more insight into how Ethan and Nate "figured it out" — this is for you.*