Cuffing Her

by Emily Bishop

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She’s my only suspect. Guess I’ll have to restrain her.
We don’t have a ton of crime in this small town.
And usually it doesn’t involve [email protected] chefs.
As retired Special Forces, I like things safe. Orderly.

Suspects are totally off limits.
But around Naomi, I can’t think with anything except my cock.
To say I’m closed off is an understatement.
Watching your best friend die in combat has that effect.
Naomi has a way of piercing my armor.
She’s crept into my chest.
Taken up residence in my heart.
She may be innocent, but shady shit is going down.
I want to trust her. Let her in.
But my past won’t let me.
Cuff her, or [email protected] her?
I’m too lost to choose.