Caramel Cupcakes & Murder

by Caroline Chase

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First he loved me.
Then he left me.
And now he’s dead.
Oops? Did I do it again?

Brynn Monroe has been trying forever to get her best friend Lisa back on track. She’s been nursing a horrible divorce from her ex-husband, Reed, who cheated on her and treated her horribly.

Things were looking great. Lisa was finally able to put a down payment on a candle shop and was going to be a business owner right next door to Brynn.

And then Reed came back into town.

And died.

Now the cops are looking at Lisa. Of course she’s the suspect. She’s the one who put fire ants in his underwear when she caught him cheating on her.

But she wouldn’t kill him, right?

When the facts start to implicate Lisa in a crime she says she didn’t commit, it’s up to Chesapeake Pointe’s baker turned amateur detective to put her sleuthing gloves back on. With her lovable pets she’s on the case of a cold blooded killer.

She just hopes it’s not her best friend she’s after.