DARC Ops: The Complete Series

by Jamie Garrett

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Hackers. Black Ops. Alpha males determined to protect what’s theirs.

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Dark Secret

Maybe it's her innocent gaze that makes his blood boil with lust. Regardless, Jackson wants Mira as his own, very special, personal client. The pretty blonde ignites every protective instinct inside his battle-scarred heart. He'll need every shred of his skills and warrior strength to protect her.

Dark Web

One last job. That's what Carly DiMarco told herself. But while she knows nothing about her boss, he clearly knows everything about her. Enough to find people from a past she thought long-dead and kill them in cold blood.

Tansy has never met her face to face, but can't forget her. This hack has her name all over it, and now someone wants her dead.

Dark Heart

Can medic Jasper Raleigh save nurse Fiona Marshall's life from a hidden enemy? She was once his lover, and now her life is in his hands.

Dark Control

Almost killed on an op, Matthias has crippling PTSD, nightmares and flashbacks now normal. Can he deal with his past in time to save Laurel's future?

Dark Threat

Sam Hyde wants to stay with Clara Mills forever. The only problem? An attack from a terrorist threat that no one else believes even exists.

Dark Lies

Trapped. On the run half a world away from home. Can Tucker Quinn save the woman he loves before the CIA's assassin finds her and kills them both?

Dark Salvation

Cole's killed in war, but he'd never take the life of an innocent. So how the hell did he end up in the kill room with a gun to Annica Lawson's head?

Dark Discovery

Kalani escaped with her life, barely, but that doesn't mean they've stopped hunting her down. Ethan Vaughan promised to keep her safe. When one of their own goes missing and all signs point to an inside job, all bets are off.

Dark Enemy

Facing a matter of life or death, Holly must ask for help from the one man she's tried for years to forget. For Logan Williams, blood and sweat is nothing more than another day on the job. Until a woman from his past shows up, terrified and begging for help. One slip, and he could lose the only woman he's ever loved forever.

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