Lonely Omega's Baby Wish

by Dex Bass

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Andre Acour made his billions despite the odds against him. But he never succeeded in love. Omegas are all the same to him: submissive airheads trying to trick him into fatherhood. Andre's had enough. He'll never be mated.

Bashfully handsome omega Oz Oster walked away from the Oster family fortune to start his own life. Now he runs MPreg Hospital's vasectomy compliance office. Alphas are allowed vasectomies only if they absolutely can't be mated. Oz has to prove that Andre can't find a mate.

Easy peasy. Oz knows about being undateable. He's dreamed about being a father, but never found an alpha who'd love him. He's resigned himself to a quiet life with his cat. He'll set up Andre on a date, see it fail, and prove that Andre is undateable. Just like Oz.

Except Andre's never met an omega like Oz. And Oz has never had feelings for a patient. Andre's smile, his firm handshake, his confidence, his build under his perfectly pressed suit -- now Oz can't stop thinking about bearing Andre's baby. Of course it's totally unrealistic for plain Oz to dream about a billionaire loving him, even if his eyes and ears tell him that Andre might really be into him.

Can Andre's smiles and winks be trusted? And can Oz and Andre overcome old family secrets to build a new future together?

Lonely Omega's Baby Wish is a 50,000-word feel-good mpreg (male pregnancy) romance. It has no shifters, no cheating, and no cliffhangers. It does have morning sickness, foot massages, a rose bouquet as a privacy cover, Cat-O Kaelin, a pottymouthed aunt, and an adorable baby. A feel-good HEA is guaranteed.