Until We're Home

by Lina Langley

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Taln has always had issues following the rules in his strict realm. When he gets banished from Minburry Citadel, he believes that it is a death sentence. Instead, he gets sent to Earth.

Taln is confused by Earth. He’s overwhelmed by what he believes to be the magic used to handle the new civilization surrounding him. He would be utterly lost if it wasn’t for Jesse, a stranger who takes him in after he finds Taln on the street.

Taln has no reason to trust Jesse, but he doesn’t see any other way out of the trouble he’s in—and when Jesse shows him things about himself that he would have never imagined, Taln starts to believe that he’s there for a reason. As far as Taln is concerned, everything is perfect on Earth. He doesn’t even mind having to defend Jesse from his abusive and overbearing ex-boyfriend, who seems to show up at his door every other day.
His punishment, however, isn’t simply exile—it’s much worse than. Soon, Taln has to decide whether he can stay on Earth with the man that took him in or if he has to go back and save the family that he left behind from the person that exiled him and is out to get the rest of his clan.

Jesse never expects to find a gorgeous man in the middle of the street when he takes out the trash. He seems hurt and Jesse is studying to be a nurse, so he takes him into his apartment just to help him heal. He doesn’t think that it will turn into anything, but after a one-night stand with the beautiful stranger, Jesse starts to realize that he might not just be a performance artist. There might be something seriously wrong with him.

It doesn’t matter how much Jesse wants a repeat of the first night, he knows that getting Taln help is the most important thing. But when Taln’s past starts to unravel in front of Jesse’s eyes and Taln has to make a decision that could change both of their lives forever, Jesse has to choose: can he let go of the best thing that ever happened to him? And if he can’t, can he learn to live with himself?

This story is approximately 57,000 words in length and contains adult language & erotic adult scenes. It is intended for mature audiences. Content warning for domestic violence perpetuated by an ex-partner. This story also contains dubcon.