Ruling the Model

by Velvet Rainne

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Her mouth was a whirlpool, vacuum, and drain.
Justin’s life is turned upside down went he finds a strange prototype of his father's that makes his manhood massively irresistible. At first, he has no clue what the device does, but soon he finds himself with his housemate Tammy in his bed, worshiping him.
But now Justin set his crosshairs on his step sister’s friend, Delilah, a notorious blonde model who is way out of his league. With the assistance of the prototype, she becomes more than willing to obey and satisfy his kink. But it doesn’t stop there, because soon he is the master and she becomes his manhood starved bimbo for life...

Ruling the Model is book to of the Ruling Her series by Velvet Rainne
This an erotic short with 70+ pages of bonus content. 18+ reader discretion advised.