Scepter of Domination

by Velvet Rainne

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Her beautiful face beamed with fulfillment she bobbed her head between his thighs.
Nathan grandfather was a Nazi soldier who managed to escape persecution by giving information to the Americans. After his grandfather passes away, Nathan is left in charge of going through his estate. In an old lock box, he finds an ancient Egyptian scepter...
With the powers of the scepter, he can change any woman into a submissive sex slave. Nathan may have accidentally gone too far when he mistakenly used the scepter on his brother's girlfriend Emily. But Nathan hatches a plan to return Emily to her rightful place.
Now that he has convinced his brother Raymond of the scepters authenticity, Nathan leaves the artifact in his brother's hands. Raymond is overjoyed when he’s able to turn Emily into a sexy bimbo goddess!. Raymond can’t get enough of Emily being in her rightful place on her knees, worshipping his manhood!

This is an erotic short story with 70+ pages of bonus content.