Ruling the Teacher

by Velvet Rainne

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“I just wanted you to take the test so I could you alone to @#*% me!”

Justin’s life is turned upside down went he finds a strange prototype of his father's that makes his manhood massively irresistible. At first, he had no clue what powers the device had, but he quickly found himself with his housemate Tammy and her blonde supermodel friend, and his sassy ex-girlfriend worshiping him.

But now, Justin finds himself having a lapse in a memory for a reason unknown to him. Apparently, he had arranged a meeting with his hot blonde professor to discuss his grades. To make it even more interesting, Justin ends up getting everything he wanted, even the turning the conservative, timid, and married professor into his eager bimbo slave.

Ruling the Model is book four of the Ruling Her series by Velvet Rainne.

This an erotic short with 70+ pages of bonus content. 18+ reader discretion advised.