Wife Watch

by Velvet Rainne

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"You're my girl now, you go home and you tell your husband… that this @#&%* is mine.”

I never thought that she would go through with it. But there she was. My wife, a young, sexy woman standing in front of a swinger’s club for couples and singles. But more specifically, a club for discreet couples and singles. It made me sad, but more than anything it had Courtney craving the attention of another man. Part of me knew it was over, she was going to cheat on me and return the favor but I had to know how she was going to do it.

She probably wanted a stranger to go home and imagine her for once when said stranger slept his wife. I could understand how she came to this decision with all things considered. And… I wanted to watch. I knew she wished that I was there watching her. It was like she knew...

A woman always knows.

This is an erotic short with 70+ pages of bonus content. Reader discretion is advised.