Wife Watch Collection 2: Cases #006-#010

by Velvet Rainne

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This book is a collection of five short stories for one low price!

Case #006
Ross is the kind of douche that thinks he is better than everyone when really he is a complete loser. Somehow he ends up with Joann as his wife, though he clearly doesn’t deserve her at all. Joann is petite and gorgeous, she could easily get another man.

So when she finds out that Ross fooled around with another girl, Joann decides it is time to teach him a lesson and for her to move on. She goes out to a bar with a girlfriend, Chelsea, but Ross shows up to try to stop her from meeting anyone else.

Joann was talking to Mark and Chelsea when Ross tries to pull his normal tough guy act to intimidate Joann into going home with him. Ross doesn’t realize he is wayyyy out of his league trying to pull this crap in front of Mark. Mark gladly helps Joann teach Ross a lesson he will never forget. Ross ends up watching Joann get pleased by a real man after years of faking it with him!

Case #007
Norman was hoping to give his wife an amazing night when he bought her front row tickets and backstage passes to see her favorite band, Metal-Lick-A. He had no idea that they would end up in the dressing room of Allen, the band’s lead singer; let alone that he would be watching Allen seduce his wife!

Kat truly gave Norman no choice but to sit and watch as Allen fulfilled her deepest fantasies about him. How will Norman react to watching his wife with another man?

Case #008
Gregory always wished his wife would hook up with another man, and tonight his wish is coming true. They get a hotel double room so he can watch the action from the next room and he even picks out a sexy outfit for his wife Jacquelyn to show off everything she’s got to offer.

At first, it’s everything Gregory wanted — the sexual thrill of a lifetime. But soon it becomes clear that Jacquelyn is enjoying herself too, perhaps even more than he is. But unexpectedly, this naive husbandis highly turned on by watching his hot wife fighting against her inner desires. She's reluctant and hesitant to let herself go, but could the steaminess of being with this different and well-endowed manovercome her will? Will Greg really be able to watch her take on an alpha?

Case #009
When Alex stumbles in on a co-worker sharing his wife with his well-endowed boss, his life changes forever. After being invited to join in on the fun, Alex and his wife Melody are unsure. But soon it becomes clear that Melody wants it more than he does. Unexpectedly, this naive husband is highly turned on by watching his hot wife cast aside all her reservations with a well-endowed alpha. But how will Alex be to cope with sharing his gorgeous hot wife with his boss?

Case #010
I never thought that she would go through with it. But there she was. My wife, a young, sexy woman standing in front of a swinger’s club for couples and singles. But more specifically, a club for discreet couples and singles. It made me sad, but more than anything it had Courtney craving the attention of another man. Part of me knew it was over, she was going to cheat on me and return the favor but I had to know how she was going to do it.

She probably wanted a stranger to go home and imagine her for once when said stranger slept his wife. I could understand how she came to this decision with all things considered. And… I wanted to watch. I knew she wished that I was there watching her. It was like she knew...

A woman always knows.

This book is five short stories with bonus content at the end.